This blog focuses on two primary topics:

  1. Telecommunications and ISP operations from an insiders viewpoint
  2. Various technology/IT focused projects or problems I have worked on at home or at work

I work as a Telecommunications consulting Engineer and most of my friends have no idea how the Internet works or why it costs so much. In reality, the Internet is a complicated mix of old and new technologies and old and new companies connecting together to form a fantastic construction like nothing ever before made. Have you ever wondered how your Internet provider gets Netflix to your home? What causes the Internet to sometimes be slow? Do they have any excuse for charging so much? My insider viewpoint gives me the ability to shed some light on these questions.

I would like to provide information and insight so that you can understand what goes on behind the scenes of Telecommunications infrastructure and what kind of cool technologies are driving the Internet to the next level.

This blog is also a good place for me to share projects I work on at home or at work that might provide useful to others with similar interests. These posts will be pretty technical in nature, but hopefully provide interesting to all.

If you like my posts and would like to ask me a question or suggest a post feel free to send me a request and I will do my best to answer your question.

By the way, I have another site at http://homediygeek.com. If you are interested in seeing me try out projects around the house that aren’t related to networking, take a look.